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We at Informative Writer welcome all types of contributions like drafts, feedback, and praise. Fill up the form and we will get back to you. If you want to publish your content then please take a look at our guidelines and please make sure your draft will follow all the guidelines and writing styles.

Note – Contact us  to publish your content and it must be as per guidelines

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What We Want

The blog or article must have 900+ words. The content should be bold, engaging, informative, and must provide some value to the readers.

The content must be related to Tech, biography, Entertainment, lifestyle, business, real estate, health, etc. We accept each and all types of blog, it’s a general guest blog site.

Guest Post Guidelines –

You can e-mail us at our e-mail address we prefer a rough draft or google document.

  • Focus Keyword.
  • Meta title and description.
  • Article heading -H1 and sub-heading -H2
  • 100% Unique content.
  • Anchor tag.
  • Brief introduction.
  • Image ( pixels ) (Resize and Compress Image).
  • Alt attribution.
  • No Gambling, Casino, adult content acceptable.
  • No errors and grammar mistakes.
  • Image Sources and references.
  • Do Proper SEO of your post.
  • Formatting Should be Good (we receive lots of articles, so we can’t make formating so do yourself)
  • After publishing content please share on your social media pages/profile.

What We Do For Posting

  • Our editor will review your submissions. They will decide the quality of the contents.
  • The feedback of the editor will decide your content should be published or not and get back to you.
  • If we accept your submissions then we work on it and publish.
  • After publishing the content we will send you the published link of your submissions via E-mail else if you are registered user then you can see via the login.

What Is The Difference Between Blogging And Guest Posting?

Blogging requires you to post on your blog. However, when guest posting, you will be writing content that will be published or featured on someone else’s blog. 

To know more about the methodology of paid-for articles sign up, you must contact us. 

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