Before Buying Cold Press Juicers, Consider These Points

cold press juicers

Adding fresh juices to your daily diet is important to stay hydrated and healthy. If you are the kind of person who hates eating fruits and vegetables, consuming juices is an easier and more convenient way. When juicing can be so beneficial to your health, it’s wise to make fresh juices at home rather than buying them from restaurants. This way, you can hygienically make your favourite juices and reap the benefits. When it comes to getting the most out of your glass of juice, cold-pressed juicers are your best bet. 

A cold-pressed juicer uses a low-speed squeezing technique that extracts maximum juice from the fruits or vegetables and gives you juice that is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. If you are out in the market for buying a cold-pressed juicer, here’s what you need to consider. 


You need to start by seeing what kind of budget you have available. You may find that cold-pressed juicers are a little more expensive than conventional centrifugal juicers, but they are totally worth the investment. Get a rough idea of the prices and set your budget accordingly. 

Motor Power

There are many brands of cold-pressed juicers with varying specifications to choose from. Some have low motor power and don’t work well. Therefore, choosing the right motor power is essential to speed up the work and extract the maximum nutrients from fruits and vegetables. The best juicers come with a motor power of 250-Watts. This ensures quicker juice extraction, low noise operation, and effortless juice outflow. This makes daily juicing much easier for you. 


Speed is another main factor to consider. The higher the speed, the more are nutrients and vitamins lost during the juicing process. Look for a cold-pressed juicer that comes with a low-speed juicing technique so that more nutrients are retained in the juice that is extracted. This can make your juice healthier.   

Low Noise and Smooth Outflow

When preparing to make juice every morning, noise can be annoying. With a cold-pressed juicer, you don’t have to worry about any distractions. It is generally noiseless as it doesn’t have those noisy gears and motors present in centrifugal juicers. The higher the speed, the more will be the noise level. Cold-pressed juicers are known for their optimal speed and low noise level. Plus, the smooth outflow of juice and pulp in separate containers makes it easy for extracting juice without any blockage of pulp. 

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Easy to Clean

A cold-pressed juicer should come with certain accessories to maintain its cleanliness. This includes accessories like a filter screen, cleaning brushes, and pulp and juice containers that are removable and can be easily cleaned to maintain the hygiene level. All these make it easy to operate the appliance. Make sure the juicer you purchase has all these accessories with it. 

Reverse Motor Action

Reverse motor action is a very useful feature that is present in cold-pressed juicers. This helps in clearing any kind of pulp blocking, thus making the process of extraction faster and better. 

Reviews and Warranty 

Before finalizing a cold-pressed juicer, ensure that you buy one from a reliable brand that is known for the quality of its appliances. Remember to read reviews from customers who are already using the same kitchen appliances like wet grinder. This way, you can get to know the user experience.

Warranty is also an important aspect to consider. If a company provides a longer warranty, it shows that it has more trust in its product and that the brand stands by its product. The reviews and warranty can be a deciding factor on whether or not you want to purchase the cold-pressed juicer.

Consider all these aspects and make a wise choice of cold-pressed juicer that can serve your juicing needs for several years down the lane. 


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