Picture of Barry Van Dyke’s Wife, Bio, Net Worth, Lifestyle, Etc

Mary Carey Van Dyke

Mary Carey Van Dyke!

Yet another celebrity wife who caught the attention of millions for being married to a global star. 

She rose to prominence post her wedding to Barry Van Dyke. She is a celebrity mother and a daughter-in-law. Ever since coming into the spotlight, very little has been known about Mary. Neither she is a professional from the entertainment industry, nor has she ever been involved in serious controversies. But that doesn’t stop the folks across the globe from being curious about her. 

So, here is a piece from Informative Writer that talks about the picture of Barry Van Dyke’s Wife, bio, net worth, lifestyle, etc. 

Coming from the powerful family of Dick Van Dyke, Barry Van Dyke, and the Dyke siblings, Mary Carey Van Dyke carries forward the legacy of the Dyke household. 

The oldest, Mr. Dick Van Dyke’s real name is Richard Wayne Van Dyke. He is an award-winning comedian, actor, dancer, writer, and producer from the ’60s. The multi-talented Dyke started his career as an entertainer in nightclubs. Thereafter, he worked in radio and eventually television and Broadway stage. 

Mary’s husband Barry Van Dyke is the second son of the legendary entertainer Dick Van Dyke. He is also an actor best known for his work in crime/medical drama series called Diagnosis: Murder (1993-2001). Barry is widely known for being the son of Van Dyke and nephew of Jerry Van Dyke. 

The Dyke siblings are the children of Mary. She shares them with her husband Barry. The Dyke siblings are counted amongst some of the successful people in the entertainment industry. They are a popular name in Hollywood. Let us tell you that the Dykes’ have been into Hollywood for generations (three generations to be specific). Know more about Mary Carey and Barry Van Dyke’s children in the later sections of the blog. 

For now, explore the picture of Barry Van Dyke’s Wife, bio, net worth, lifestyle, etc. 

Who is Mary Carey Van Dyke?

Mary Carey is the wife of Barry Van Dyke. She is also famous for being the daughter-in-law of the veteran actor, comedian, singer, and dancer Dick Van Dyke. Mrs. Barry rose to fame by tying the knot with the very popular Detective Lieutenant Steve Sloan from Diagnosis: Murder.

Actor Barry Van Dyke is best known for portraying the character of Detective Lieutenant Steve Sloan in the crime/medical drama series Diagnosis: Murder. 

Mary is also the mother of four pretty talents from Hollywood. Her first-born, Carey, is an actor. Her second-eldest son Shane is an actor, director, and writer. Barry and his wife’s third child, Wes is a painter while the youngest Dyke, Taryn too is finding her passion in acting. Mary Carey never tried her talent in Hollywood, despite coming from a diverse actor family. 

Mary Carey Biography/Wiki

Mary Carey, better known as Mary Carey Van Dyke is a popular celebrity wife. Carey married actor Barry Van Dyke in 1974. Since then, the couple has been leading a happy marriage together. The duo shared four kids. Mary, who is also the mother of American television actor Shane Van Dyke has been a private person since the start.

Her marriage to the Dyke Household never changed her mind to come into the limelight. Although Barry and Mary share a great affection for each other, they never considered revealing any personal information about Mary. Information about her parents, education, and birthdate are still under the covers.

The netizens speculate Mary Carey to be in her seventies, though. She is an American citizen and follows Christianity. She is a blonde with a gorgeous face. The celebrity wife is of white descent. 

Mary Carey’s Relationship with Barry Van Dyke

While there’s just no information accessible about Mary Carey’s life before fame, we know a little about her, before she became a member of the Dyke Household. 

Barry and Mary first met each other in the mid-sixties. The duo started seeing each other in 1967. After dating for about 7-years, they decided to walk into marriage and eventually tied the knot. Barry married his beloved girlfriend, Mary Carey in 1974. 

And although the Dyke family had been the center of attention, the media could not get its hands on more information. So, the specificity of the wedding date is not known. It is primarily because Mary intends to lead a life away from the paparazzi and attention. 

Her Family: Husband and Children

Mary has a family of six including herself and her husband. Barry and Mary have parented four children together. They welcomed their firstborn, Carey on February 25th, 1976. Their second child, Shane was born in August 1979. Mary’s third kid, Wes, came into the world in October 1984. The youngest Van Dyke, Taryn was born on the first day of June in 1986.

Mary Carey Van Dyke family

All her children followed the legacy of the Van Dyke Family and pursued a career in the entertainment industry. Carey and Shane are immensely successful actors, directors, and producers in Hollywood. Shane is also a writer. Wes tried his hands in acting but settled as a painter. Barry’s youngest child, Taryn, is an actor too. 

Professional Career

There are no details concerning Mary Carey’s professional life and career accessible to the masses. We believe Barry Van Dyke’s wife to be a homemaker. And if Mary was ever involved in some profession, the information is private.

From the looks of it, it seems that Mary chose to raise her kids while Barry worked before the camera. She looked after the family and raised the kids to be perfect gentlepeople. Now that we have talked about Mary’s professional career, let us take a brief look at her husband, Barry’s career.

The second son of Dick Van Dyke was born on the last of July in 1951 in Atlanta. He first appeared on television in an episode called ‘The Talented Neighborhood’ in ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show.’ However, Barry’s father did not approve of him pursuing acting while he was a student. So, Barry completed his education before re-joining the industry.

He later appeared in Dick Van Dyke’s next show, ‘The New Dick Van Dyke Show’. In the later years, Barry worked on multiple projects produced and created by his father Dick Van Dyke, and uncle Jerry Van Dyke. Barry grabbed a prominent role in a drama series named Diagnosis: Murder in 1993. He worked in several super hit movies and TV shows too. Mary’s husband last appeared in a movie named ‘The Untold Story’ in 2019. 

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Net Worth

While there is no detail about her career, we do not have any ground to calculate her net worth. The wife of Barry Van Dyke, Mary Carey is a homemaker. She has not been involved in any professional career as of date. She, however, lives a life amidst luxury, glamor, and comfort. 

Her husband, Barry’s net worth is estimated to be $6Million. Barry Van Dyke shares his fortune with his wife, Mary. The prominent sources of his income include acting, comedy, singing, and dancing. He is also a successful producer besides a writer. 

Mary’s father-in-law Mr. Richard Wayne Van Dyke is a legend in Hollywood. He has earned himself some of the most prestigious awards including a Grammy and multiple Primetime Emmys. Wayne has a net worth of over $50Million. 

Lifestyle Barry Van Dyke’s Wife Mary Carey Lifestyle

Mary has been sharing decades of a peaceful and happy marriage with one of the prominent actors of America, Barry Van Dyke. She shares a whopping fortune with her husband. Mary’s father-in-law owns himself a more-than-decent net worth.  

Her children Shane, Carey, Wes, and Taryn too enjoy a respective well-established career. So, it is evident that the lady leads a life that speaks comfort, luxury, and affluence.  

Rumors and Controversies

While Mrs. Van Dyke never got involved in any serious controversies, she had been a part of a rumor multiple times. 

  • In 2017, there were claims that Mary and Barry are divorcing each other after sharing a 43-years long marriage. However, neither the couple nor their family ever came out to confirm the rumor. The following year a false rumor arose about Barry Van Dyke’s death. While in reality, it was Jerry Van Dyke who died. As of 2022, Mary Carey Van Dyke and her husband are alive. They are leading a happy and healthy life together. 

Social Media Presence

Barry Van Dyke’s wife Mary Carey Van Dyke is not active on any social media platform. She does not have a profile on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter either. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Barry Van Dyke’s Wife Mary Carey Van Dyke

1. Who is Mary Carey Van Dyke?

Mary Carey Van Dyke is a prominent celebrity wife. She is the better half of her husband, actor Barry Van Dyke. Mrs. Barry is also the daughter-in-law of the legendary entertainer Dick Van Dyke. Not to mention, she is the mother of the Dyke Siblings. Her son Shane Van Dyke is a renowned American television actor.

2. What is the name of Barry Van Dyke’s wife?

The American actor Barry Van Dyke’s wife is Mary Carey Van Dyke. The duo is said to have dated each other for years before tying the knot. Barry and Mary walked across the aisle in 1974. 

3. What is the age of Mary Carey Van Dyke?

There is no specific information about Mary Carey Van Dyke’s birth date available. We, however, speculate her to be in her seventies. Her husband Barry is 70-years old. The couple dated each other for about 7-years before their wedding. They could be of similar age.

4. When was Mary Carey Van Dyke Born?

The birth date and relevant information about Mary Carey Van Dyke are not available.


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