Jakobi Wilburn Arrested on the Grounds of Criminal Gang Activities

Jakobi Wilburn

Jakobi Wilburn is a renowned celebrity kid. He is best known as the son of Future. Future (real name – Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) is an award-winning rapper, musician, and songwriter from America. His firstborn, Jakobi rose to prominence after being arrested by the Georgian Police in January 2020.

The 19-years old Wilburn had been arrested for multiple charges. Read this piece by Informative Writer to know everything on the issue. Also, do read Jakobi Wilburn’s biography.

Who is Jakobi Wilburn?

Jakobi Wilburn is the eldest child of the famous rapper Future. Future, who is 39, parented Jakobi with his ex-partner, Jessica Smith. The couple gave birth to Jakobi out of wedlock in June 2002. However, unlike several other celebrity couples, Future and Smith did not marry each other.

Not much is known about Jakobi. As of 2022, Wilburn is a minor and lives with his mother, Smith. Both Smith and her son had been keen on living a life away from attention. However, Future’s son made quite some headlines when he was charged and arrested for multiple criminal gang activities.  

Quick Facts | Jakobi Wilburn

Full Name – Jakobi Wilburn

Last Name – Wilburn

Known for – Son of Rapper Future

Date of Birth – June 30, 2002

Horoscope – Cancer

Age – 19y/o (as of February 2022)

Father – Future (Real Name: Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn)

Mother – Jessica Smith

Nationality – American

Ethnicity – Not Known

Religion – Mixed (African American)

Rapper Future’s Son, Jakobi Wilburn | Bio

Jakobi Wilburn was born on the last day of June in 2002. His parents, Future (father) and Jessica (mother) welcomed him in the United States of America. The 19-years old Jakobi was born with the birth sign Cancer. He is the firstborn of the globally famous rapper, Future. The celebrity child is an American citizen. He belongs to a mixed heritage (African-American). We do not know the specificity of his religion.

Once Jakobi’s father stated that he is not a catholic. However, he mentioned that he has faith in Christianity. Once, Future had a long confession with a padre.

His Parents

At the time of his birth, Jakobi Wilburn’s parents were not married. Neither did they marry each other after welcoming their firstborn. After having Jakobi, the couple had a strained relationship. Eventually, they parted ways. Jessica filed and won the case to attain her child’s primary custody. Presently, he lives with Jessica in Covington, Atlanta, Georgia.

Later in 2016, she sued Future for failing to pay his share of child support. In her plea, Jakobi’s mother stated that Future has failed as a father. His failure has had a bad influence on their child. She also said that Jakobi is suffering from mental and behavioral adversities due to Future’s negligence.

According to sources, Future had lied about his income stats to avoid paying enough child support. He would pay only $1622 every month for the same. When Smith discovered the same, she decided to sue Jakobi’s father.

How Many Siblings Does Jakobi Wilburn Have?

Rapper Future’s eldest son shares his biological father with seven siblings. Might we add, all of Jakobi’s siblings are his half-siblings? Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn has parented eight children so far (including his oldest son, Jakobi). All of Future’s eight children were born with different women. The rapper welcomed his first child with his former flame, Jessica Smith in 2002. The child is Jakobi Wilburn. The following are the kids that rapper Future fathered, besides Jakobi.

  • Londyn is Jakobi’s first half-sibling. She was born to his father and his Ex-girlfriend, India J.
  • His second sibling is named Prince. He was parented by Future and Brittni Mealy.
  • Singer Ciara and Future parented a son named Future Zahir. Ciara is Future’s ex-fiancee. However, the couple broke up before tying the knot.
  • The next in line is Hendrix. Hendrix is the son of Future and Joie Chavis.
  • Future has a 3-years old daughter named Reign. Her mother is Eliza Reign.
  • The Grammy-winner rapper also has two kids called Paris and Kash. The names of their mothers are still unknown to the masses.

Profession and Net Worth

Although 19, Jakobi has been keen on following in his father’s footsteps into music. The young boy is an aspiring rapper. His prominent sources of income include his music career and social media platforms. Wilburn earns quite a decent fortune from his Instagram profile.

As of 2022, Jakobi Wilburn’s net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. However, during the case trials, he was listed as indigent. Later, his mother revealed that all the legal bills will be paid by his father.

How Did Future Make Money?

Did you know that Jakobi’s father, Future, is a distinguished rapper?

He started his music career in 2003. Future was a member of the musical collective, The Dungeon Family. Later, he started his solo stage career as a rapper. In the last 2 decades, Future has launched several super-successful studio albums. His best works include The Wizrd, High Off Life, Beast Mode, World on Drugs, Pluto, Honest, DS2, Erol, Future, and Hndxx.

Rapper Future has also collaborated with several global artists like Drake, Young Thug, and Zaytoven. Jakobi Wilburn’s father has been honored with a variety of prestigious awards including a Grammy (2019). With an average of $1.5Million monthly income, Future’s net worth is believed to be $40Millions.

Jakobi Wilburn Arrested Might Face Imprisonment for Up to 20years

Whether it concerns the vivid branches of his family tree or the controversies about his imprisonment, Jakobi Wilburn has had his fair share of drama. His mother, Jessica has sued his father, Future for failing to be a responsible father. It seems that Jakobi is now experiencing the effects of not having an ideal father.

Jakobi Wilburn arrested

In January 2020, Wilburn was charged on the suspicion of criminal gang activities. The reports state that the Georgian Police arrested Jakobi Wilburn with a fake ID and armed weapon (pistol). If rapper Future’s son is convicted, he might face imprisonment for up to 20-years. Here’s everything that we know about the issue. Read on to know.

Jakobi is Future’s first child

Jakobi Wilburn’s mother, Jessica Smith is Rapper Future’s son. He is, in fact, Future’s first child. The couple parented the boy long before Future rose to fame. Soon after welcoming Jakobi, Jessica and Future separated. Presently, Smith is the legal guardian of Wilburn. He lives with his mother in Atlanta.

Wilburn was arrested on January 19, 2020

The Georgia State Patrol released the list of people arrested on 19 January 2020. The 19-years old celebrity kid was charged and arrested for multiple charges. It included him possessing an armed weapon with an altered ID. He was also charged for giving fake personal details to the law-enforcement officer.

Jakobi’s mother requests people to respect Wilburn’s privacy

When Wilburn made headlines after getting arrested, he attracted quite some media attention. His mother, Jessica Smith came to her son’s rescue. She released a statement requesting the press to leave Wilburn alone. She said, ‘Our son is a minor and to protect his well-being in this tiring situation, we ask that everyone please respect our privacy at this time.’

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Future to cover Jakobi’s legal bills

In her statement requesting privacy, Jessica Smith also revealed that Rapper Future will be paying for the legal expenses. The arresting papers addressed Jakobi Wilburn as ‘Indigent’ and ‘Homeless’. However, Smith corrected the same saying that Future would cover the legal bills for their son. She also stated that Wilburn lives with her in Covington, Atlanta.

Although 17, Wilburn to be charged as an adult, says GA

While the global standard regards only the 18-years old and people aged above as adults, Georgia Police would be charging Jakobi Wilburn as an adult. Georgia is one of three US states that charge teenagers as adults. The same depends upon the severity of the crime committed.

Rapper Future Isn’t Making Any Comments on His Son’s Arrest

Although Smith has made a statement about Future covering the legal bills for their son, Jakobi, the rapper has still not made any comments on the issue. He did address any questions concerning Jakobi Wilburn’s imprisonment either. However, there is news about Future paying the bills for Jakobi’s bailing papers.

Rapper Young Buck on Sharing Jail Cell with Wilburn

While imprisoned, Future’s son Jakobi shared a prison with the rapper Young Buck. Young Buck happens to be Wilburn’s Uncle. Buck revealed the same in an interview. In a live interview with DJ Paul, Buck mentioned the same. He stated that Jakobi and he were in the same jail. He requested the cell guards to allow him to share the bed with his nephew.

Young Buck said that he had pledged to accompany his nephew throughout his tenure in the confinement.

Rapper Future Arrested – What We Know!

The Grammy-winner Rapper Future Arrested!

Chances are, you might have already read several pieces about Future being sued by his former flames. But relax, your favorite rapper is not behind the bars for any reason. It is his son, Jakobi Wilburn who has been charged. Future had fathered Jakobi with his ex-lover, Jessica Smith. The couple is not seeing each other anymore.

Starting with Jessica Smith, she filed a lawsuit against Future for neglecting their son. She said that he did not pay the child support and had lied about his income. Later, Singer Ciara sued Future for slander and defamation. Ciara and Future share a son. The couple had almost married each other, but the wedding was called off. The rapper also has two paternity cases pending on his name.

Frequently Asked Question | Rapper Jakobi Wilburn

1. Why was Jakobi Wilburn arrested?

Jakobi Wilburn is the eldest son of the Grammy-winner Future. In 202, he was charged by the GA for the marked possession of a firearm and altered weapon ID. Wilburn was also arrested for giving false details to the law enforcement officer.  

2. How did Future make his money?

The rapper made a great fortune with several ventures including his music career, advertisements and endorsements, social media platform, and songwriting.

3. Why was Future sued by his ex-es?

There are airs like rapper future arrested. However, that is not true. It was his oldest son, Jakobi Wilburn who was arrested. Future has, however, been sued by two of his former girlfriends (Singer Ciara and Jessica Smith). Ciara filed a lawsuit against Future for defamation and slander.

Jakobi’s mother Jessica sued Future for failing to pay child support. She stated that Future has been neglectful towards their son.

4. Who is Rapper Future dating?

Rapper Future is known for having eight kids with eight different mothers. He has had quite a colorful dating life. Presently, the star rapper is dating a fellow rapper, Dess Dior. The two have been seeing each other for a couple of months now.

5. Why was rapper Future arrested?

Rapper Future Arrested!

You might come across such rumors across the web. But be mindful that the header would be nothing more than air. A member of the Wilburn family was arrested in 2020, but it wasn’t Future. The man arrested was Future’s eldest son, Jakobi Wilburn.


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