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bernt o bodel

Bernt O Bodel is a reality TV star and Norwegian-American businessman from the United States with a net worth of $200 million. He is a former director and CEO of American Seafood Incorporated LLC, is one of the largest seafood companies in the United States. He also has a partnership with the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp. Bernt is also a musician and a member of the White Sox music band.

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Bernt Bodal: Early Years & Family Background

Bernt Bodal was born on June 14, 1953, in Oslo, Norway, and will be 69 years old in 2022. His zodiac sign is Gemini. He was raised in a small town in Oslo’s suburbs and graduated from Ski Norway High School. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

Bernt’s father used to be a cable car conductor, while his mother was a Lofoten native. He has two brothers named Anders and Havard Bodal. However, his parent’s marriage ended and the couple got divorced when he was a child. Later, his father remarried Solbjorg Bodal. 

Bernt’s parents left Norway and traveled to the United States for a career in the fishing business. Which is how he became interested in the industry. In Massachusetts, he began working in the Seafood business.

But He was originally interested in pursuing a musical career and later he founded a band and worked with some well-known musicians, releasing three successful albums together. The gifted vocalist and pianist have also shared the stage with many popular musicians. He has worked with well-known musicians such as Sammy Hagar, Pearl Jam’s, Eddie Vedder, and Roger Daltrey.

Bernt Bodal: Career

The Norwegian-American entrepreneur is most known for establishing his seafood business from scratch. It all began with his parents’ connections in the fishing industry.

He got a position as a deckhand on a boat and became a citizen of the United States.

Bernt was able to focus on his own business after completing many minor jobs.

As a result, Bernt Bodal joined American Seafoods as a minority partner in 1999 and helped it expand from two ships to many. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. Bodal retired in 2017, however, he continues to serve on the board of American Seafoods.

Bernt now owns the majority of the company shareholder, which has annual revenues of $600 million.

Bernt Bodal: Musical Career 

Bodal originally wanted to be a musician when he was younger. However, circumstances forced him to join the fishing industry. His passion, on the other hand, did not die.

Bernt Bodal began his career as a musician after graduating from high school. He was a member of the band Host when he was younger, and they released three albums. In 1974, he performed his first instrumental performance in a music band, Host, on the rock album Pa Sterke Vinger. In addition to the instrumental performance, Bernt Bodal recorded his debut vocals in 2016. He performed his songs with a rock band, Aunt Mary (2), and on the alternative rock album, New Dawn. He also shared the stage with famous musicians like Sammy Hagar and Roger Daltrey.

bernt bodel musical career

He left music behind to pursue a career in the United States. However, social media shows that he continues to dabble in it.

Bernt Bodal: Personal Life

Bernt Bodal was married for a long time to his first wife, Elisabeth Bodal.

Bernt and Elisabeth met while they were teenagers.

The couple ended up marrying in July of 1978. Bernt was 25 at the time, and Elisabeth was 23. After marrying, he and his first wife moved to the United States.

Due to personal reasons, the couple got divorced.

Bernt started dating Elizabeth Lynn Vargas after divorcing Elisabeth Bodal. Later, the couple married. However, after 17 years as a married couple, Elizabeth filed for divorce in 2017 after finding her cheating husband.

Reportedly Bernt has no kid with his second wife Elizabeth Lynn Vargas.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas is a Reality TV star on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Bernt Bodal’s first marriage led to three children. In April 1979, he and Elisabeth had their first child, Thomas Bodal. Bernt and his ex-wife also had a daughter, Ellen Bodal, in 1981. Alexander Olav Bodal, their son, was born in 1989.

Their elder son Thomas works as a professional chef In Seattle. Similarly, his daughter Ellen worked at American Seafoods before moving on to

His youngest son from his first marriage, Alexander Bodal is a Berklee College of Music graduate.

Bernt revealed in 2019 through social media that he was dating Michelle Fox. His girlfriend is the co-founder of Rock Your Business, LLC & Ed Oates. She’s also a co-founder of Oracle.

Bernt Bodal’s marriage with Elizabeth Lyn Vargas 

Vargas and a retired Norwegian-American businessman Bernt Bodal were married for almost 17 years. They were married in 2000 but eventually got divorced in 2017. Lyn met Bodal in a nightclub where she and her musical group were performing.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas is a reality TV star, an American businesswoman, and the Ex-CEO of an online music company.

According to the sources, the apparent reason for Bodal and Vargas’ divorce was the businessman’s affair. Lyn also claimed her ex-husband had a child as a result of the extramarital affair.

Elizabeth and Bodal have been married for 17 years. Elizabeth Lynn Vargas, his Ex-wife, is a cast member on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Bernt has no kid with his second wife Elizabeth Lynn Vargas

Bernt Bodal: Net Worth

Bernt Bodal is a businessman who has earned his wealth via successful business ventures. He is estimated to be worth $200 million. Bernt has managed many successful businesses, and one of his most successful collaborations was with American seafood. He was the former CEO of American Seafoods, one of the major seafood companies in the United States. He is also a successful musician and has several other successful business enterprises. His net worth is increasing because he is still a working musician and singer. Bernt is also a co-founder of Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp.

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Bernt Bodal: Social Media

Regarding his social media activity, he can be found on Instagram under the username @berntbodal. He has 213 followers and shares 26 posts on his Instagram account. Though his account is currently private which indicates that he is a private person and prefers to avoid the media’s attention. He can also be found on Twitter where he has 69 followers with 27 followings. He joined Twitter in February 2010.

Aside from this, it does not appear that Bernt has personal profiles on other social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, and so on.

On the other hand, her ex-wife Elizabeth Lyn Vargas has a big Instagram following. She currently has 85.9K followers on Instagram. She is also active on Twitter where she has 11.2K followers, she joined Twitter in December 2019. 

Bernt Bodal: Body Measurements

Bernt Bodal is a tall and attractive man who stands 6 feet 1 inch tall (1.85 meters). And weighs around 76 kg (167 pounds). Even at the age of 69, his sense of style made him look more appealing and younger. He has beautiful dark brown eyes and blonde hair.

Unknown Facts about Bernt Bodal

1. Bernt Bodal’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million as of 2022. His earnings are mainly from his business.

2. Bernt Bodal married his first wife “Elisabeth Bodal” in 1978 when he was 25 years old.

3. Alexander, his younger son, is a professional musician. His daughter is an entrepreneur who works for

4. As a music lover, Bernt Bodal established a rock band and released three albums with them.

5. He is still the lead guitarist and musician in the White Sox band. 

6. Bodal has also collaborated with many popular musicians, including Pearl Jams Eddie Vedder.

7. Bernt Bodal married his girlfriend Elizabeth Lynn Vargas in 2000. His wife chose to divorce him after 17 years of marriage.

8. Elizabeth Bernt, Bernt’s Ex-wife, was born in Missouri but lived more than two decades in California. She is the founder and Ex CEO of Edge Music Network, an online music streaming service.

9. The “RHOC” star is currently dating her new boyfriend Jimmy.

10. During the quarantine, Elizabeth launched her vodka line, Vargas Vodka. She doesn’t have any children yet, but she does have two dogs named Mika and Coda.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bernt Bodal

Who is Bernt Bodal’s Ex-wife?

Bernt Bodal’s Ex-wife Elizabeth Lyn Vargas is a reality TV star and American businesswoman who was born and raised in Missouri. She is the Ex-CEO of an online music company, as well as a volunteer with the We Care Rescue Ranch, which provides no-kill animal rescue support. She appeared as a new face on Season 15 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, which premiered in October 2020. During the quarantine, Elizabeth also launched her vodka line, Vargas Vodka in December 2020.

Does Bernt Bodal have kids?

Bernt Bodal’s first marriage with Elisabeth Bodal led to three children.

From his first marriage, he has three children. Thomas Bodal, Ellen Bodal, and Alexander Olav Bodal. 

Their elder son Thomas works as a professional chef In Seattle. Similarly, his daughter Ellen worked at American Seafoods before moving on to

His youngest son, Alexander Bodal is a Berklee College of Music graduate.

Who is Bernt O Bodal’s new girlfriend?

Bernt revealed in 2019 through social media that he was dating Michelle Fox. His girlfriend is the co-founder of Rock Your Business, LLC & Ed Oates. She’s also a co-founder of Oracle.

What is Bernt Bodal’s Net worth?

Bernt Bodal is a former musician and Norwegian-American businessman who has a net worth of $200 million in 2022.


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