Why Video Content Is Important for Your Business

Video Content Is Important for Your Business

Do you know more than 80% of businesses are using video marketing in some way or another? Video content is dominating this digital-driven world. Video advertisements heavily influence buying decisions of consumers. The recent COVID pandemic also surged the use of video marketing tools. 

Video marketing has now become compulsory for businesses in today’s era. What makes videos so important in attracting traffic and driving sales? Well, there are several ways in which video content helps a business boost sales and drive engagement. Read on to know the importance of video content for businesses in today’s scenario.

Business videos can be easily accessed

Businesses are trying to catch the attention of consumers in many ways. From social media blogs to OTT advertisements, consumers are bombarded with marketing campaigns. Even if consumers step outside, digital signage displays and banners catch their attention. In a world where there are so many means of advertising, you need to choose one that offers high accessibility. Out of all types of media content, consumers can easily access videos.

Every business wants to use videos for numerous benefits. Marketers can add images, music, animations, and much more to a video. You must have heard the saying that a picture is more than a thousand words. In such a case, a video is worth more than a million words. Have you ever tried learning something new by watching an educational video? Notice how quickly you learn a new concept by watching videos. You could never learn that much fast by reading lengthy paragraphs. Videos grab our attention and offer an immersive experience. Consumers can retain more information shown in a business video than marketing blogs.

Consumers spend most of their time on social media sites, OTT platforms, and TV sets in this digital era. A business can easily reach a mass audience with marketing videos. From the consumer’s perspective, it is easier to watch a product explainer video from the consumer’s perspective than to read a lengthy blog. Videos also cover consumers with physical impairments via captions and subtitles. A business will be left behind if it neglects video marketing in today’s digital era.

Video creation isn’t as expensive as earlier

Even if you are a beginner, video content creation is easy with an intuitive editor. You can make marketing videos within minutes with pre-set templates on an online video editor. Companies don’t have to hire professional video creators to make marketing content. With a video editing tool, you can make animated videos, product explainer videos, presentations, GIFs, and much more. Many video creation platforms allow a free version to small businesses. All these facilities are now helping businesses to create video content with fewer funds. Accessibility and affordability are key benefits of video content for businesses in 2022.

Who says you need a big production house to make marketing videos in 2022? Gone are days when video creation required many crew members and a big production house. As the buzz of video marketing is growing, video creation is becoming cheaper. Video marketing isn’t limited to companies that have excessive funds. The budding technology has helped in making the video creation process more affordable. For example, there is no compulsion that you need to hire celebrities to make marketing videos for your business. You can create a storm on social media by a simple and engaging customer testimonial video.

The presence of many video-creation gadgets at affordable rates has helped businesses. For example, a company does not need a dedicated space for shooting product videos. Marketers can simply buy artificial lights and make any room their shooting spot. The video creation process is getting cheaper due to the rise of video editors. Noticeable video content can be created in minutes with video editing platforms.

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Marketing videos aren’t everything about sales

Even if the ultimate aim of a marketing video is to boost sales which is essential there is much more to it. Brand videos communicate a story to the audience. While making brand videos, marketers should not always focus on sales. Video content is important because it lets you convey emotions to the customer. You may never meet all your consumers in a lifetime. However, you can touch every consumer’s life by telling a story via your marketing videos.

Storytelling is an art, and marketers need to use it to build better customer relationships. For example, you can share a brand story video to communicate the hardships faced by the business since its inception. How it started small and came against all odds to build trust among the consumers. Such a video will impact consumers, and you will successfully build a brand persona.

Once a customer has an emotional connection with a brand, it enhances their brand loyalty. Customer testimonial videos are another example of brand storytelling. You share the stories of satisfied consumers with potential consumers in testimonial videos. Potential consumers find the information relevant when it comes from other customers. If all your brand videos are sales-centric, consumers might find you desperate to increase sales. You should craft a story/narrative around your services or products for better results.

Videos are important in the context of SEO

Every business wants to be a part of the growing digitization in the world. Most businesses have dedicated websites, social media handles, and other digital channels. Marketers spend much time optimising their digital content for SEO. For example, marketers use SEO techniques to secure a better ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for their blogs.

According to stats, search engines prefer videos over any other digital content. With videos, marketers can gain an edge in their SEO activities. On social media sites, videos are more preferred than images or audio clips. Video content is important for businesses to get better reach and engagement on digital channels. Every business is trying to get onto the minds of consumers. In this competitive business space, you can gain an edge over others via video content. Start making powerful video content in 2022 for your business!


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